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At Wellbeing Magazine the team are always out and about and due to the high volume of emails we were receiving and the huge amount of spam we had to keep changing email address so now we ask anyone who is genuinely interested to fill in the form below or contact us through social media, that way we know you are human!

Wellbeing Magazine has a membership of over 20,000 members and offers access to articles on our Wellbeing channel on Apple News making all articles available to iPad and iPhone users.

About us

“In a world where everyone works long hours and in stressful environments, it is no wonder that more and more people are feeling unwell and tired. Many turn to their doctors to ‘fix’ them but few understand the importance of taking responsibility for their own health. We want people to love the idea of eating healthy local food, to exercise their body, understand the importance of the mind as well as how their home and working environment affects their wellbeing” says Rachel Branson, Publisher of Wellbeing Magazine

Wellbeing Magazine, launched in October 2006 is aimed at inspiring individual to understand good nutrition, importance of fitness as well as how to the understand the mind.

Published as a digital magazine for the website and handheld devices like the iphone and ipad, and a printed edition for East Sussex we make complementary therapies accessible to everyone.