The eco2life multi-surface cleaner is just one of the rapidly biodegradable, fully refillable green cleaning products from Planet Earth.

“We’re committed to delivering eco friendly cleaners that really work and offer real environmental benefits.” So how can we do this? “Simple. We removed as much of the heaviest and bulkiest part of a cleaning product – all the water – that we could. The result; eco friendly household cleaning products that are lighter, smaller and easier to transport, reducing the environmental impacts on the planet.”

“We’ve applied the same approach to our packaging too, aiming to minimise the amount of card and paper we use, while ensuring that what we do use contains virgin fibres from a mixture of FsC and PEFC managed sources and that these are widely recyclable. Like many other eco or green products we do need to use plastic bottles. But our bottles are different from other eco cleaning products found in the UK. They’re made to last, the trigger has been tested to over 10,000 sprays – that’s a lot of cleaning! We believe in going the extra mile, doing things differently, reducing the amount you need to buy through things like our ‘Small Wonder’ refills. ‘Small Wonders’ are at the heart of our refillable cleaning products and our major point of difference with other green cleaning products. They are tiny bottles of cleaning solution that you simply dilute with ordinary tap water. In short, we believe we offer one of the best eco friendly household cleaning products available in the UK today. Don’t forget we also produce a refillable floor cleaner, refillable glass cleaner and refillable bathroom cleaner.”

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