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Calendar of events 2017

Monday 6th February
Nicholas Granby EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Nicholas Granby lived in Italy for 25 years, first working as a teacher, coach, and trainer, at multi-national corporate level, mainly to help staff and management speak in public, solve problems, make decisions and partake in stress-reducing meditation. He qualified in the UK to become an EFT Practitioner in 2012, which he practised in Italy until he moved to the UK in early 2015, where he runs EFT Workshops (Tapping Groups) as well as private and online sessions. solutions@

Monday 6th March
‘Reiki’ with Hazel Lewellin

In her own words: I am a Reiki Master teacher. I first found Reiki in 2013 for self-healing and personal growth. This led me to Thai foot massage, reflexology and Swedish massage. Reiki has taken me to Scotland, Holland and Bosnia. I travelled to the Highlands to teach Reiki, to Holland to do my Reiki Masters so I could teach Reiki. This led to the trip to Bosnia, volunteering Reiki treatments and teaching to the people who continue to be severely affected by the tragedy of war in 1995. My practice is called ‘Coastal Therapy’ as we live on an island. This does not limit me to one place as my aim is to get Reiki to as many places as possible. Travelling with Reiki has been a blessing, I am always amazed at the miracles of Reiki; it changed my life and I live and breath it every day. I hope to continue travelling to the Highlands, Bosnia and many other places practicing Reiki and teaching. 07725 762108

Monday 3rd April
‘Sparkle Your Way to Success’ with Life Coach Susan Kennard

Susan takes you on a journey where the Science meets the Spiritual. Susan helps you to find your inner healer and release any blocks you have to ultimate health, well-being and success. She is the founder of Sparkle to Success; her own training programme of guided processes to help you align to the best version of yourself; and an EFT practitioner and Trainer with The Guild Of Energists. She uses a combination of traditional psychology, psychotherapy training and finely tuned psychic ability, offering a unique way of working helping you to shift any unwanted emotions you may have that do not serve you anymore. Susan@ 07737 100254

Monday 8th May
‘Sukshma Marma Therapy’ with Marek Lorys

Marek became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in his twenties. He also studied the natural healthcare system – Ayurveda – and heard about the revival of a gentle, yet extremely powerful Marma Therapy while in India in 2013. Curiously, the next Sukshma Marma training course was not in India but in the UK, starting the evening that his plane from India was due to land in Heathrow – so he went on the course straight from the airport. Marek is now a qualified Sukshma Marma therapist has treated clients in the UK, US and Italy, and has recently translated the principal textbook on this technique into English. There will be an opportunity for everyone to experience a Sukshma Marma taster during the evening.

Monday 5th June
‘A Taste of Operation Shine!’ with Brenda Bruzon

We spend so much of our time caring don’t we? At work, at home and also in the community. We talk so much about the health and wellbeing of others, though we often forget or we feel unable to take care of ourselves. We take on too much and then we experience feelings of exhaustion, frustration and overwhelm. The stress of our day-to-day lives is affecting our physical and mental health as well as our relationships.

So now it’s time for a change. Time to take responsibility for your own health and happiness. Time for you to SHINE! This ‘taster’ workshop will be interactive and experiential. I will explain the science of stress and how it affects our physical and mental health. I then share with you some of my tried and tested personal wellbeing strategies – unveiling my top tips to bring you into a place of ease, improve your resilience and enable you to really shine at work, at home and just everywhere you go!

Based on my learning and experience working in the voluntary sector, my personal self-development journey and my training as a Spiritual Companion with William Bloom and the Spiritual Companions Trust.

Monday 3rd July
‘Qigong – workshop’ with Leon Chiu and Natalie Scialo

The background of the workshop: Qigong means energy work; it is one of the 5 pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for maintaining health, which dates back for more than 2000 years. Today you can see many people in China, and progressively growing numbers in the West, practicing Qigong or its counter part Tai Chi in parks and sports centres in the UK. It is one of the recommended health maintenance exercises approved by the World Health Organisations. It is an energy practice that brings together meditation, spiritual connection, body awareness, visualisation, intention, deep breathing, posture and stretching to bring about good health and vitality.

For this session you will learn the fundamentals required to practice Qigong and towards the end of the session you will able to understand the following:

– Introduction to Qigong (Chi Kung)
– Posture and breathing
– Body awareness alignment
– Visualization and intention
– The difference between relaxing and slacking
– Creating qi sensation in the hands
– Simple easy to learn Qigong exercises

This is a practical session so please ensure you wear comfortable clothes for mobility

Leon Chiu is a fellow of FHT, with over 25 years experience in Traditional Chinese medicine. He is an acupuncturist at Eastbourne Complementary Health Clinic in Eastbourne, holds a degree in Multidisciplinary health studies,and teaches complementary health studies part-time at the local university / college. Last year he had been nominated as a community health Champion by the Sussex Development Community Association. Currently he dedicates much of his time at his Clinic in Eastbourne treating clients with numerous health issues ranging from back/shoulder pain, insomnia, headaches etc to hot flashes. He is also a freelance tutor who leads a Tai Chi class at Peacehaven council for the local community as well as a wellbeing instructor who promotes chair exercise at the Phoenix Centre for the dementia group of elderly at Lewes.

Natalie Scialo is a member of FHT, graduated with a FDSC degree in Complementary Health Care with Distinction and later completed a further two years graduate training programme at Eastbourne Complementary Health Centre (ECHC) in Traditional Chinese Medicine specialising in Acupuncture and Qigong. She practices complementary health therapies at ECHC and between her busy clinic schedules, she teaches fundamental Qigong and Tai Chi for a wellbeing community class at Peacehaven council as well as delivering a number of outreach wellbeing awareness classes for the Sussex Community Development Association (SCDA) at Hastings, Hailsham and New Haven. At her Eastbourne clinic she also promotes weekly a health awareness and Qigong exercise programme to people with addictions and mental health on behalf of SCDA.

Monday 4th September
‘Reflexology, Foot Reading and Intuitive Healing’ with Nikki Lofting

Feet talk! All you need to do is know how to listen. Nikki Lofting, The Barefoot Energist, listens to your feet and uses what they say to tailor your treatment. Feet tend to be more honest than their owners, the colour, hard skin, blemishes, even the toes all have something to say.

Nikki uses this and her intuition (what she calls her spooky side) to gather as much information as she can and then works with her clients to help them rebalance their minds, bodies and become their own healer. A natural Psychic Medium, Nikki is able to gather much more information than just what is told to her. If she has your permission she can offer a reflexology treatment with a spooky twist!

This will be our very last meeting at the Bowling Club in Eastbourne. New venue to be arranged.

Monday 2nd October
with Astronomer Melvyn Cowley

“I am or was a communication specialist until I retired, then I went into teaching and found that perhaps it’s what I should have been doing all along. I teach astronomy and Science, and they have been subjects that have always fascinated me since I was a child. I ran a mobile planetarium for 10 years out from the Observatory Science Centre. Now I help out when they are short.

When I met Pam, we came up with an idea – Astronomy and possible links with Natural Healing, Astronomy – Astrology – links to Agriculture and medicine in history. Trying to link it all together is really interesting from my point of view, there are all sorts of folklore stories that are linked with planets and stars, although none are proven. Come and find out as we discover what puts it altogether.”

Monday 6th November
Jing Advanced Massage Training ‘Fix in Six! Getting results with advanced clinical massage’

Learn how to achieve lasting results in reducing your clients’ pain within 1 to 6 weekly sessions. Incorporate Myofascial Release, trigger point therapy, sports massage skills, deep tissue and Eastern Techniques to successfully treat conditions such as low back pain, rotator cuff injury, RSI and herniated disc in 1 to 6 sessions. A must for the massage therapist serious about their career!
Appropriate for all levels (bring a massage table, towels + oil please)

Monday 4th December
Christmas Evening

A chance to have a drink and chat, a nice social evening to catch up with like minded friends and colleagues and a thank you for your support throughout the year. Venue to be arranged.

Don’t forget that each meeting you attend will enable you to collect your 2 CPD points. Per calendar year you need to collect 10 CPD points and don’t forget that the FHT can contact you at any point to check your CPD points. It is recommended that you attend at least one workshop to top up your points. The entrance fee for the talks is £6 for FHT members and £7 for non-members, £5 for OAPS and Students.

Our meetings will be taking place at Victoria Drive Bowling Club, Eastbourne, BN20 8NH (next door to Sainsburys and opposite the Co-Op in Green Street. Turn into Victoria Gardens and then first right for clubhouse parking) up to and including the September meeting. Meetings after this – new venue to be advised.

The meetings run from 7- 9pm

For more information please contact the 
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