Positive Empowerment Coach Kim Wymer, founder of Happy Days Coaching, turned her life around and is now helping others do the same. Kim hit rock-bottom and found herself leading a very unhappy life. After gathering the strength to file for divorce from a broken down marriage she really needed her family around her, though at the time of the messy divorce her sister emigrated to Australia and her parents retired to Spain. With her close family overseas, her career not working out and, in addition to that having confidence issues, she was alone, depressed and turned to alcohol. She could get no lower. However her sister sent her some positive thinking self-help material from Australia and this then set Kim on the path to recovery.

Kim then found the Sue Stone Foundation after reading one of Sue Stone’s books and joined one of her intensive Coaching courses. Kim is now a qualified Positive Empowerment and Happiness Coach, and hosts positive thinking and happiness talks and workshops in Essex/London areas. She is leading a much happier life and is excited about the future. “If I can turn my life around and gain a positive mind-set, then anyone can” Kim says “The tools I learned changed and saved my life and I am so happy and excited to be helping others on the way” She also hosts a monthly positive living group in Hornchurch, Essex where she sources health and wellness speakers and experts to come along and give talks covering a wide range of holistic subjects.

The once very shy and unconfident Kim now stands up in front of groups of people and talks enthusiastically about her changes and teaches the tools that changed her life; something a few years back she would never have dreamt of doing! Kim has since written her own book about her experiences in her life journey and explains wholeheartedly of the changes she went through. The debut book “Out of the shadows” is out now. It’s a frank and inspirational story of transformation, which will resonate with many. It details how she overcame everything that life could throw at her and how she stepped out of the shadows and into the light. Available at Amazon

To learn more about Kim, her work and her talks please visit her website kimwymer.com
e: info @kimwymer.com
t: 07913 895285