Your skin is amazing! It is the largest organ in your body, accounting for about an eighth of your body weight. It’s your protective packaging – the place where your insides meet the outside. It has to last a lifetime, so it makes sense to be nice to it and treat it right. Being nice to your skin means being careful how you handle it, what you expose it to, what you put on it and what you put on the inside. Because beauty is not just skin deep, looking after it is both an outside and an inside job!

Your skin is under daily attack from pollution, oxidative stress, weather, toxins and the ageing process. Sadly, some of these toxins can come from what we deliberately put on to our skin every day. Constant exposure to certain ingredients can have a cumulative impact on your health and wellbeing.

Using natural products will help to keep your skin clean, hydrated, protected and free from harsh chemicals. The use of natural and organic products is obviously an increasingly topical issue. What you put on your skin does not just stay on the surface but can be absorbed into the blood stream. For example, the average woman absorbs 30 lbs of the ingredients in moisturisers alone over a 60 year period.

Using a natural skincare system which is free from parabens, petrochemicals, glycols and synthetic fragrances will help you achieve that. Instead, use products which contain only natural, skin soothing ingredients. Using a high quality Collagen product as well supports the structural integrity of your skin from the inside.

The independent British Health and Beauty company, Xenca, produces a natural skin care range, Eternity, which allows you to cleanse, protect and nourish your skin with safe ingredients, which are based on kind and pampering, professional quality formulas with none of the harsh chemicals. Xenca also produce a high quality Revitalise Collagen for Skin, which has been approved by the world renowned HFL Sports Sciences Laboratories and hence suitable for use by international athletes.

Nigel Dacombe: 
Associate Shareholder