On reading the title what thoughts and feelings sprang up for you? Your relationship with your body is one of the most important relationships you’ll have; after all it is a relationship for life. Like all relationships it changes and evolves, sometimes not in ways to our liking.

We may feel we have to control it and discipline it into not doing what it’s doing. What if your body can be your greatest protector, your most useful advisor? The body’s most primal urges such as eating when your hungry, sleeping when you need it, are very difficult to override. It is possible for awhile though this creates huge stresses in your body. The body starts complaining and almost goes into overdrive as its’ very survival is threatened. Example being, it doesn’t know that you may be intentionally restricting food intake in order to lose some weight. After a time of what the body perceives as famine, the body’s drive to eat and put on weight becomes paramount. Of course that scenario is an over simplification, however it illustrates well the essence of the body being your greatest protector.

Apart from your basic physical requirements your body functions best if your thoughts feelings and emotional needs are met too. If you are not happy with your living or working situation, over time you begin to feel you don’t have any energy, and become demotivated, then you develop aches and pains which become more and more pronounced. Your body is saying ‘please listen to me – you don’t really want to be like this every day and I am trying to protect you by slowing you down’. What will it take for you to change things to make you feel better?

What if you could have a Conversation with Your Body which would enable you to awaken your desire to live life to its fullest? Ann Rambaut is running a series of five evening workshops over as many weeks covering topics such as pain, stress, ageing, sleep, bodyweight and more.

The introductory class is free. Each subsequent workshop will be a stand alone class at £15 per class, however progress is enhanced by participating in all four subsequent classes. A discount will be given when all the four other workshops are booked at the Introductory session, where the offer is £50 for all four (a saving of £10 overall).

Course dates:

Wednesday 21st September – Introduction

Wednesday 28th September
Wednesday 5th October
Wednesday 12th October
Wednesday 19th October

7pm – 8.30pm

All evenings to be held at The Therapy Centre, 3 Hurst Road, Eastbourne, BN21 2PJ

Please visit or contact Ann directly if you wish to find out more.
07436 810181
01323 411900