New research by Vetsure has revealed that our pet relationships run deep with almost a third of those in Sussex finding most comfort and confiding in their pets on a day-to-day basis. Our relationships with our pets now resemble those we have with family and friends. So could a pet be the perfect partner?

Pet owners in Sussex regularly talk to their pet (66%) with a further 30% saying they would be most likely to confide or seek comfort in their pet on a daily basis.

Ashley Gray, vet and founder of Vetsure Pet Insurance says: “Vetsure has always known that pets offer affectionate companionship and unconditional love to their owners. But these results show that for some people the role of the pet can be even more important and their absence could result in loneliness. Pets clearly have other positive effects on such individuals including: offering a reason to get out and meet other people as well as being an incentive to undertake moderate exercise.”

Almost half of those surveyed in Sussex got a pet because they felt they would be calming and stress-relieving. The responsibility and care-taking role involved in pet ownership can give many an increased sense of purpose. Pets create more opportunities for interaction with other people, whether that be a short walk when you speak to other dog owners or a chat with the neighbour because your cat is a regular visitor! Even trips to the vet, where you can engage with other pet owners in the waiting room.

The research highlights that our animal companions enrich our days, giving us a sense of optimism, safeguarding us from loneliness and helping to break down barriers of isolation. Wood Green one of the leading animal welfare organisations re-homes all kinds of animals and offers guidance on what kind of pet would best suit every lifestyle.

Wood Green, The Animals Charity advises anyone interested in adopting a pet to consider their routine first:
“Think about your lifestyle and support network before making your choice of pet. Would you have time for a dog, or would a cat fit your life better? Remember puppies and kittens need lots of attention and ongoing training so a mature dog or cat might be easier to manage. If you can’t commit to a pet long term think about fostering for a local animal charity, this could provide company for you and vital help for a pet in need without the financial commitment.”

For more information including tips on whether rehoming a pet might be suitable for you or an older relative visit the website for further information