YAY I’VE DONE IT !!! Kicked Diabetes into touch3 months ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes II: Blood Glucose 18.2 (should be under 7)HBA1C 102 ( should be under 50)

I was shocked as I was not obese and was I thought following a healthy diet. With readings like that, not surprisingly I was advised to take Metformin. I was told I would have this for life; it was in the family etc.

I was also advised to go on statins as I would be 5 times more likely to have heart problems now that I had been diagnosed with diabetes.

This umbrella of potential health problems concerned me and I wanted to avoid being on medication long term, particularly statins with the side effects that they have. However, I did not buy into this fear based approach to my health. My belief was that this was what my body was doing right now and that could change. I actually visualised myself writing about my return to health!

Thankfully, my friend David Hamilton sent me information about research at Newcastle University around low carb diets and Diabetes.

I took responsibility for my health and found a brilliant Nutritionist in Fleur Brown to help me address my problem with nutritional therapy.

She recommended that I follow a low carb diet and take some supplements to help balance myblood sugar levels.   Having followed that for 3 months, I am pleased to say that I have lost 1 stone ~ it was all around my middle ~ 3 inches off the waist !!!

  • I now weigh in at 8 stone
  • Have a BMI that is under 20
  • Blood Glucose 5.5
  • HBA1C 39

This week I was taken off Metformin and both my Doctor and Diabetes Nurse have acknowledged that my lifestyle changes have played a huge part, I would not have achieved this with drugs alone.

I am the first patient that the diabetic nurse has ever been able to do this with.


From a nutritional therapist’s point of view, Beverley is the exemplary client.  I am impressed by her total dedication to trying to improve her health in a natural and holistic way and by her continued commitment to keeping on plan.

Her HbA1C (long term storage of glucose in the cells) and blood glucose levels were shockingly high.  Many medics would call this syndrome “syrup in the blood”.  Something had to be done……

It was evident from looking at Beverley’s 3 day Food Diary that she brought to her first consultation that her current diet was high in carbohydrates that contribute to glucose dysregulation.  These were jacket potatoes granola, bananas, malt loaf, and biscuits (foods recommended to diabetics routinely, but which play havoc with blood sugar levels).

To reduce the sugar in her blood, I recommended a very low carbohydrate diet avoiding all sugar and artificial sweeteners, high G.I. grains and fruits and starchy vegetables.  These were out and low GI fruits/vegetables, good amount of protein and full fat was in!  I asked Beverley to get her Vitamin D tested by her GP as low levels of this vitamin is linked to an increased propensity for blood sugar dysregulation.  The result was a very low level of 30 nmol/L.

On her new eating plan,  Beverley started with a breakfast of full fat Greek Yoghurt, berries, nuts and a ½ tsp of cinnamon (fantastic for glucose regulation), sometimes with a small amount of toasted organic oats or alternatively a breakfast of eggs, or goat/sheep’s cheese with organic rye bread and butter.  Lunch would be salad and good amounts of protein and dinner again protein with lots of vegetables, steamed or stir-fried.  Not a baked potato in sight!

This regime was supported with  supplements to help balance blood sugar levels and Vitamin D.

The weight started dropping off as well as fat around her middle, and her flexibility to do her yoga was improving too.  Within one month Beverley had lost ½ stone.

This approach flies in the face of the conventional approach of a high carb, low fat regime.  Most people following this sort of regime have to resort to a lifetime of poor blood sugar control and drugs.

With the more proven approach that nutritional therapist take to help clients with diabetes, the outcome of the programme speaks for itself – as Beverley states above.

Beverley Hamilton – Holistic Life Coach www.reikitherapist.co.uk 07946 473844

Fleur Brown Nutrition, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 01892 616621 www.fleurbrownnutrition.co.uk