Following ten years of scientific research for a drug free treatment tackling depression and anxiety, a professor from Cardiff University, Tim Jacob recently launched a pioneering device – proven to provide a quick and natural ‘mood boost’ to the human body.

The ground breaking discovery, Kodobio Sensory Therapy (KST), has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on mood, blood pressure and heart rate – through a clever combination of bright lights and scientifically selected aromas. Unlike traditional aromatherapy remedies, this innovative technology uses aroma formulations which in clinical trials significantly improved the mood of users.

Women are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety disorders and over 50 million prescriptions are issued for anti-depressants in the UK each year. This latest advance in combatting depression, stress and lack of energy offers relief to many people seeking a natural, safe treatment.

Tim Jacob explains, “Depression, anxiety, energy deficit and stress are sadly all common symptoms of our increasingly busy lives and modern lifestyles. Kodobio empowers people to tackle their symptoms and the many problems associated with depression, anxiety and stress.”

Designed to be user friendly, the Kodobio is placed in front of the face where a full spectrum bright white light (similar to sunshine) is emitted up and down along with carefully selected subtle aromas. Users absorb the healing light and relaxing smell for just 15-30 minutes to bring about the physiological and psychological changes that relieve their anxiety, tension or lift their mood to alleviate feelings of depression.

Three different aroma capsules – carefully selected by Jacob, for their sensory input, can be used with Kodobio to provide a range of profound effects to the user.

Mood Boost – beneficial in reducing depression or SAD symptoms

Unwind – beneficial in reducing the pressure of anxiety and tension

Energise – beneficial in providing an energy boost

Kodobio has been acquired by European spa group Aspria, who is amongst the first to offer the therapy in its wellness and spa facilities in Brussels and it is expected to be available over forthcoming months in UK spas.

As more and more companies start to tackle mental health in their wellbeing programmes at work I wonder if there is an opportunity for businesses to offer access to this kind of device to their staff during lunch breaks!

The device is available for individuals to purchase and will retail at £3,995 plus vat.