Healing 4 Humanity is a psycho-spiritual as well as socio-spiritual training system based on inner yoga mechanisms. It is the ability to find connection which is indivisible and meaning that is universal at a time of great humanitarian need. These mechanisms comprise meditation tools, techniques, and formulas for the purpose of awakening the normally latent energy and awareness of the soul.

The soul is the true self, as many if not all spiritual traditions describe, but is unheard and unseen behind the imposed conditioning (or illusion) of life. When not recognised, the sense-of-self follows whatever it can, the emotional heart, the restless mind, the senses and habitual patterns of the body, and we believe that we are that. Yet all human life and endeavour is a search for greater truth, ultimately to know and fully be the life-force itself. As this life-force becomes felt and perceived, we begin to know what we truly are and let go more and more of what we are not. Only then can we be in a state of self-love and its counterpart self-awareness, more accurately soul-love and soul-awareness, with the true experience and power which comes with it.

We no longer need to keep repeating the same patterns, exchanging one falsehood for another, one self-delusion, one addiction or one relationship.

As soul power rises ego, which is the self-presumed and self-perpetuating power of delusion, diminishes. We can all do with more of that!

To some, this soul awakening is known as Kundalini or Enlightenment, but the benefits are not just for the person involved who comes to know their very reason for being, but to tap into their expanded nature, the field of energy of creation itself. Every soul awakening then becomes a spiritually active agent of change in the collective consciousness to dismantle wider-held delusions based on falsehoods, unconscious or deliberately held and spread, which is itself a state of unconsciousness.

Fear, trauma, isolation, depression, and addictions are personal and global tragedies where false perceptions take root and where debilitating stress and conflict flourish. Decharging or letting go is an active process of clearing these false beliefs which can only fully happen when there is a stronger power to stand in their place. Standing for truth, personal or global, takes a strong soul capacity, one which we can build step-by-step and by great leaps, and which is our duty to evolve, as the spiritual imperative to ‘know who you are’. Then, a personal truth can very quickly shed light on a global untruth bringing relief and helping to restore connection, freedom, hope, and an inner knowing of being at home and at peace.

Restoring the Power of Peace is a Peace Course www.healing4humanity.com an opportunity for personal training, deep inner alchemical processes, and global Meditation Team intentions for Peace.

There are many opportunities to build your soul power and your peace-of-mind in the Peace Programme Download PDF

Join ‘Meditation for Peace’ on Sunday 31st December, a FREE event at All Saints Chapel, 22 Darley Rd, Eastbourne BN20 7GE from 2-4pm. No experience necessary as you will feel your soul lifted!

The power of a new year can bring new light, what better resolution than to bring peace into your life and the world.

You can contact Nadira on 07738 284866 or info@healing4humanity.com