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Sweatcoin app, is a great way to get rewarded for your daily movement. It works with the built in phone functionality and wont interfere with those that use other fitness apps like Strava. It silently runs in the background making sure you get rewarded for everything you do.

Ease of Use

Sweatcoin converts movement into a currency that you can spend on real life goods, service and experiences, and makes movement more rewarding.

Download the iPhone app today and become one of the thousands of people being rewarded just for completing their daily commute. Although once you start moving it gets addictive and you just can’t stop.

Todate: 5.53 billion outdoor steps have been converted to the new currency Sweatcoins!

Get started in minutes simply download the app on an iPhone 5s or newer, and begin spending your steps on cool clothing, gadgets and experiences brought to you by our partners and other users like yourself.

How does Sweatcoin work?

  1. Sweatcoin track & verify your steps using your phone’s built in accelerometers and GPS location system.
  2. Steps get converted into Sweatcoins at a conversion ratio of 1,000 outdoor steps to 0.95 Sweatcoins (SWC).
  3. Build up daily, you can then spend your Sweatcoins in our in-app shop section on products and services.


How much does Sweatcoin cost?

The app is completely free and always will be. Even the in-app purchases wont cost you anything other than a little bit of sweat.

Basically you start off as a “Mover” this entitles you to convert 5000 steps per day into Sweatcoins. Once you have some SWC’s in the bank and you know you are more of a 10 thousand stepper per day you can upgrade your account to a “Shaker”.

Then once your hooked you can set you sights higher and become a “Quaker” = 15,000 steps per day or even a “Breaker” = 20,000 steps a day.

What can I do with Sweatcoins?

Sweatcoins can be spent with our partners on goods, services & experiences ranging from anti-gravity yoga classes, to high-tech shoes, to iPhones and Apple Watches.

But this is just the start, if you know other people using the app and with a quick Facebook friends scan you’ll find some friends, you can start trading Sweatcoins with them. Imagine going out for a beer with your buddies and you forget your wallet, your mate buy’s you a beer and to pay him back you just ping him some Sweatcoins right from inside the app. You then walk home, feeling great that you have totally earned your awesome night out.

The in-app shop rotates the products everyday, making sure there is always something great to treat yourself with. They currently have over 70 vendors accepting Sweatcoins, so you’ll bound to find something to purchase with your hard earned Sweat.

Or make yourself fell even better and  donate your Sweatcoins to some of the amazing partnering charities, making for an easy way to help others around the world.