Despite the popularity of D.I.Y fitness, courtesy of a prevalent number of trending YouTube videos, many individuals prefer more personally tailored fitness instruction so that they can be sure they are performing moves correctly, reducing the risk of injury or experience a fully supported fitness or weight loss plan. But who are the faces of fitness currently seen as the icons for providing the right fitness facts, working on weight and helping with health?

Health Heroes

America’s the home of several health heroes, many of whom have become household names even on this side of the pond…

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz

An American doctor with superstar influence, Dr. Oz has had a positive health impact on the US medical community as well as millions of individuals who view his show and read his prolific writings on a wide range of health issues, including magazine columns, his books and his newly released magazine.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

The world’s best known body-builder / actor / politician is also seen as a fitness guru. With his own range of nutrition supplements, Arnold is also Executive Editor of US hit health magazine Muscle and Fitness and his recent front cover photo shoot shows that, even at 66, he’s a prime picture of health.

  • Michelle Obama

Not just The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama is also known as the First Lady of Health. With an enviable physique of her own, she is also a leading force in the Let’s Move initiative to reduce ill health, obesity and sedentary habits of America’s youngsters. Michelle is so dedicated to the cause that she has even appeared as a guest on Sesame Street to get her fruit and veg diet focus across to her young audience.

  • Alwyn Cosgrove

Alwyn Cosgrove has gained international acclaim not only as a conditioning and fitness trainer, but also as an author and health writer for Men’s Health magazine as well as being an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Having successfully beaten stage IV cancer twice, his health and fitness guidance at his Results Fitness gym is highly respected. His gym classes, based on the latest research from medical journal are highly sought-after as “a fitness laboratory” (BBC magazine, 2013).

  • Scott Colby

The man the US credits as one of the pathfinders in the popular “boot camp” trend, Scott Colby was one of the first to bring boot camp health-focussed fitness programmes to the fitness industry.

  • Lou Ferrigno

Also a famous face courtesy of his role as The Incredible Hulk in the late 70s, Lou Ferrigno combines roles of body builder, actor and personal trainer to several stars of the US movie and music industry. Having excelled in all of these areas, this ex-Mr. Universe and Mr. America is one of America’s all round good guys who is regularly featured in health magazines. He also features in his own Incredibly Fit Workout DVD, whilst he and his wife are also the faces behind Ferrigno Fit, a community which endeavours to teach others “to find happiness through health.”

Home Grown Gurus

Back on home turf, there are also several names which stand out in the health and fitness crowd…

  • Jamie Oliver

Our Jamie’s come a long way since 1999’s The Naked Chef. With his food revolution, the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and the 2010 TED prize for his tireless campaigns to improve school cafeteria meals both home and abroad, Jamie is seen as the home-grown guru who is making healthy diet issues food for thought on an international scale.

  • Dax Moy

With previous military and bodyguard careers, Dax Moy is now the leading fitness trainer in the UK, who is credited with creating high standards in the personal training side of the fitness industry. With a combination of personal training programme, public speaking and writing books he has also become a very successful entrepreneur and business building guru.

  • Joanna Hall

Described as “the UK’s most influential woman in fitness” by Cosmopolitan Magazine, qualified Sport Scientist and Diet & Movement specialist, Joanna Hall is also the founder of the extremely popular Walkactive Club. This motivational and health focussed trend sees participants walking their way to improved body shape, posture and fitness, in an approach which is highly acclaimed for targeting the health and fitness of many age groups.

Of course, there are many more besides, but the fact that there are so many faces for fitness across various aspects of body care demonstrates that there’s bound to be a popular face which fits your favoured route to fitness. If you’d like to discuss your fitness goals in more depth please get in touch with The Factory Gym at or on 020 7272 1122.