Our dogs are part of our family. That is why it is important that we take good care of them. This article guides you to the ancient art of Reiki and how it helps you and your furry friends.

Don’t you just feel a certain mystical or cosmic connection with your loveable pets? Especially when we talk about dogs, there are times when our family dogs somehow know what we are actually thinking. Some may argue that they are just naturally emphatic, but what if it is more than that? Many pet owners have shared a lot of ways to take care of their beloved pets—and more and more people are finding Reiki to be just as helpful as any others. In fact, it is recommended by many outstanding advisors from UK.

From the terms in Japanese, which mean life force energy and higher power, Reiki is used for humans and canines alike for self-improvement, spiritual healing, and stress relief.  This article will provide you with basic information about Reiki and how it is going to help you and your pet friend in so many ways. We hope that by the end of this article, you will have already decided that this is something you should give a try.

Reiki is for your dog’s mind and body

Your friendly pet will benefit greatly from Reiki—from general wellness, psychological thinking, and physical healing. Our dogs are there in time of our need, and we should be there for them when they need us. Reiki helps them manage their stress, depression, and even anxieties. This way, your dog can get a good night’s sleep. If your pet has been injured or has undergone a recent surgery, Reiki will help him to recover quickly as it helps the body’s innate healing process. So, it does not matter if it is psychological or physical help that your dog needs, Reiki is here to get your dog to wellness.

Touching Or No Touching

Perhaps you are familiar with Reiki on human in which the healer places his or her hand over you but he or she does not really touch you. Reiki on dogs is the same thing, but some considerations should be made. If your dog takes time to tame to strangers, it is best that the healer does not come off as intimidating. He or she can start the healing by just placing his or her hand over your dog’s head, while working through resolving trust and familiarity issues. Whether your dog is touched or not, Reiki will work the same way.

No shame in asking for help

If you think you have done your best but it does not seem to be working, get off the Internet because it is not the only place to learn Reiki. There are over thousands of master healers and professional Reiki experts spread across the country who can help you and your dog. If there is no one nearby, some experts are able to transfer energy from long distances. It is also helpful if you read through books and guides about Reiki. This way, you get to learn more about the craft—the best way to work with your dog, what to do and not do, etc.

Remote Reiki operates in the premise that every single thing is made up of energy and is connected. Remote Reiki is healing from a long distance. Now that we are in the age of modern technology, it is easy to accept that energies can be transferred, sent, and received using mediums like televisions, the Internet, and mobile phones.


How to find the right pet expert

If your dog is able to travel, you can always go to a nearby Reiki clinic. Some pet experts are also pet groomers, breeders, or trainers, so it is best that you do your research or ask around. Anyway, here are some suggestions:

  • Animal lovers who are taking Reiki classes
  • Anyone who knows the basic of Reiki
  • Or choose to learn Reiki yourself

Reiki sessions are bonding time

After you have grown accustomed to some techniques that work, your dog will always look forward to your Reiki sessions. Because it helps him heal spiritually and physically, and it also is a fun time to bond with you. You are both rid off stress and all there will be left is the positive energy that hovers around you both.

Reiki strengthens trust

Since humans and dogs somehow match each other’s emotional and physical states, Reiki strengthens the trust between them. Due to increased time together spent in Reiki sessions, you can bet that the relationship will reach new heights. Your dog will feel a lot closer to you than ever.

Reiki only as a supplement

Despite all the good things that come out of your Reiki sessions, it is still important to keep in mind that Reiki is not meant as a substitute to proven medicine, veterinary care, and scientific surgery. If your dog continues to ache from physical pains, it is best that you rush him to the nearest veterinary hospital for immediate treatment. Reiki is fun and helpful, but it is crucial that you know when to call the doctors for help.

In a nutshell,

  • Reiki helps your dog relieve from rheumatism, arthritis, and other physical conditions.
  • It speeds up the process of recovery and healing.
  • It helps your dog reenergize with mental and physical states.
  • Reiki strengthens the bond with your dog and increases level of trust with each other.
  • Reiki works great if your dog has suffered a traumatic experience.

There you have them! These are just some of the basic things that every pet owner should know about Reiki. We have included many great benefits you and your pet can gain from Reiki. Our pet’s health—be it physical, spiritual, or psychological—is of utmost important, that is why we should always be familiar with ways how we can improve their lives. Dogs are man’s best friends—it is time that we treat them like one. They are present when we are happy or sad; we should be there for them too in health and sickness. Have you tried Reiki? Do you have any stories to share us? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

Images by cocoparisenne and ryniu1234 under Public Domains CC0