Imagine spending time with a horse out in nature where he ‘listens’ and senses your every emotion, he ‘sees you for who you really are’, he walks with you, he stands by you, he gently nuzzles up to you, maybe even lies down with you.

Thinking you possibly couldn’t have that with a horse? Worried or excited by the thought?

Doesn’t matter which, our Intuitive Horse retreats are for everyone and no horse experience is needed. The self development retreats allow you to spend time with our horses whilst getting in touch with your intuitive side and working through any difficulties you may be experiencing in your life.

Our retreats are designed to get you thinking about your relationship with yourself and your external environment.

We work with people from all walks of life to help them gain a deeper insight and understanding of themselves and horses, learn how to work with emotional awareness and a particular emphasis on learning how to quieten down the mind and ‘be’ in a present moment state.

We offer 1-1 sessions, 3 day retreats, 3 day advanced retreats, workshops and courses, bespoke group and individual days/sessions and for the horse owner we offer home visits or you can bring your horse to us. All retreats are based in Hastings.

Who would find this work beneficial? The answer is anyone – male, female, adult or teenager, even families.

For more information please phone Emma on 07825 036 301

Intuitive Horse – ‘seeing you for who you really are’