With summer fast approaching, why not feed children’s imaginations and encourage them to play outdoors with a wonderful creation, the Gypsy Caravan from The Playhouse Company.

This colourful caravan sits on static wheels and features a charming red stable door, bright green windows and beautiful cream walls, giving it a light and airy interior. With a little imagination, it’s the perfect prop for endless adventures.

Measuring 1.1m wide by 1.5m high by 1.6m deep, the Gypsy Caravan allows little ones to travel to lands afar, all from the safety of the back garden.

Other colour combinations are available, or you can let the little ones’ creativity flourish even further by getting the caravan covered entirely in cream, providing a blank canvas for the mind to explore.

Richard Frost, CEO at The Playhouse Company said: “We want children to feel entertained all summer long whist being able to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and the Gypsy Caravan is perfect for this. It will also look fantastic anywhere and gives children a place to call their own.”

Whether a cowboy wagon rolling through the prairie, or a shepherdess tending her flock on a Hebridean island, the Gypsy Caravan is sure to create cherished childhood memories.

Herefordshire-based The Playhouse Company is a specialist in designing and hand building wooden playhouses, as well as producing one-off bespoke creations.

The Gypsy Caravan is priced at £1,925.
Further information on play and tree houses in The Playhouse Company’s range, can be found at www.theplayhousecompany.co.uk