With dull weather and the cold reaching through to your bones it’s easy to feel low and unmotivated. A great way to combat these feelings, and give your body a much-needed boost is to add some Vitamin D to our routine.

Getting your Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body to produce serotonin, it supports skeletal strength and if supported by a varied diet of low sugar and dairy and lots of green veg it can literally be a brain changer. The easiest way to boost your Vitamin D intake is to get outside, cloud cover does reduce the amount of Vitamin D that our bodies take in (produce) but some still gets through. Being outside in the fresh air is an important part of boosting your mood.

Jodie Bell, founder of Healthy Habit Dorset talks about her favourite outdoor activities:

Walking – is low intensity and therefore great exercise for all abilities

Jogging or running – higher intensity than walking but offers a more intense calorie burn per minute

Cycling – There are lots of cycle paths available nowadays for those of you not comfortable with cycling on roads and it’s a great cardio exercise

Kayaking – it is warmer on the water than in the water! This is great for your upper body and gives a great core workout from the moment you get on the kayak

Paddle boarding – This is a total all over workout, although you can stay on your knees until your confident. You can mix in some yoga and fitness moves to increase the burn

Climbing – is great for strength conditioning and endurance. Climbing can give you a real adrenaline rush and make you feel alive. Always make sure you are safe and never climb where you are not supposed too!

Hiking – is a great stress reliever, being at one with nature can add extra calm and help put things in perspective whilst using those big muscles (gluts and thighs)

The best times to get outdoors, get some exercise and increase your Vitamin D intake is first thing, or straight after work. These are the times when you’ll be the most motivated, it’s a great way to start the day and wake up, or to finish your working day and destress. When the weekends roll around why not make social commitments that offer a change, walk to the pub, take a back pack to the shop to get your weekend essentials or offer to walk a friend’s dog!