If you’re bogged down with work, then the chances are you’ll be sitting at your desk for the majority of the day… but what if this is detrimental to your health?

Recent research has shown that being inactive or not exercising could lead to an early death for office workers especially.

Just a brisk walk or work-out can add extra years to your life and scientists have discovered that a 20-25 minute walk every day can help prevent you from dying prematurely.

Alternatively, weekly vigorous workouts could help prevent the likes of cancer, heart attacks, strokes and diabetes, according to some more research.

Andrew Ivers, Senior Marketing Manager at Bodybuilding.com says: “We all know what it’s like to be stuck to a desk for numerous hours a day, as we begin to feel lazy or fatigued, so that’s why we’re targeting this issue and helping office workers get up on their feet.
“We know about the dangers a lack of activity can have on our bodies, so using our expert knowledge and easily-accesible videos we plan to combat these problems by helping people get healthy, while enjoying a new fitness regime.

“Although the impact of exercise is greatest among people of an average weight, even those with a high body mass index (BMI) levels have benefited from a brisk 20-25 minute walk.

“Overall, avoiding inactivity theoretically reduces the risk of death from any cause by 7.35%, according to the the scientists.  After looking at the effects of obesity and exercise on 334,161 European men and women over a 12 year period, they discovered that people who participated in moderate levels of daily exercise were 16-30% less likely to die than those classed as ’inactive’.”

Gillian, an office worker says: “Sitting at my desk all day makes me feel like a sack of potatoes and no matter how tired or exhausted I feel, doing exercise always makes me feel energised and fresher.”

Sandra, another office worker agrees: “Spending all day at a desk makes me feel bad despite all healthy meals I’m trying to eat and the lack of physical activity is just terrible. Since I started working in an office, I feel even more tired and it clearly effects my work performance.  But doing some exercises at the desk can help with keeping mind and body in tip-top condition throughout the day.”

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Facts and Information for Office Workers

  • Scientists have discovered that a 20-25-minute walk every day can help keep you fit over the long term
  • This can easily be achieved if you walk to the nearest deli or supermarket to pick up a healthy and tasty lunch, whether a salad or a sandwich and a piece of fruit, or whatever takes your fancy
  • Try to eat out and not at your desk – a breath of fresh air can make all the difference to your sense of freshness, health and wellbeing
  • Walk to your office as much as possible – if using public transport, try to take the longest way to get to the bus stop, train, underground
  • If you have to drive to work, park at the furthest end from the entrance you can find
  • Don’t feel shy about standing at your desk or making the effort to walk to speak to colleagues – too often, people communicate by email to someone sitting literally a few desks away!
  • Encourage the practice of standing (and walking) meetings
  • Desk exercises tend to help with keeping your relaxed muscles active, helping to keep mind and body in tip-top condition throughout the day. Try rotating your ankles to get the blood flowing through the legs and other activities such as squats and leg lifts, using your desk as a prop