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I was so excited to receive this book as well as the Art Therapy: Stained Glass book for review. As a parent of a 3 year old I have spent hours helping my daughter colour in her books and now I have my very own personal colouring in books. The patterns are beautiful and the hardback books make a beautiful addition to my book collection. It's also perfect as a unique gift for friends and family. It's a lovely way to relax and destress from the days events and I find myself sneaking off to spend a little bit of time colouring in and unwinding from the day. Some of the most fun books I have received for a long time.

Stained Glass
Art Therapy Mandalas

100 designs for colouring in and meditation, illustrated by Sophie Leblanc
Available 21st August £12.99

Art Therapy Mandalas

We all look for ways to manage the pressures of everyday life, and to alleviate feelings of stress. Art Therapy Mandalas provides not only a wonderful creative outlet, but also a way of focusing attention away from external stress, thereby encouraging a sense of relaxation and increased wellbeing.

Used for centuries across different cultures and religions, a ‘mandala’ is a spiritual symbol used in Buddhist and Hindu traditions to represent the universe, and is often used as an aid to meditation. Mandalas can therefore be spiritually healing and help to create a peaceful state of mind. Although sometimes basic in design, they are often extremely intricate. Traditionally, the mandala consists of an outer circle, sometimes shown on fire to represent the universe and the dangers it holds, and an inner ‘palace’, housing deities and the enlightened. With 100 patterns based on Tibetan and Hindu traditions, as well as some original designs, this beautiful art book will enable you to relax and rediscover the pleasures of being creative.

Art Therapy: Stained Glass

art therapy stained glass100 Designs for Colouring in and Relaxation, illustrated by Sophie Leblanc
Available 21st August £12.99

Since the middle ages, stained glass has been used to create beautiful and elegant works of art, loved and admired around the world. Stained Glass is a collection of stunning patterns inspired by stained-glass designs from medieval art to Art Nouveau.

Colouring-in is not something that only children can enjoy. Adults are rediscovering the pleasure and benefits to be derived from this activity. It’s a wonderful way to let your creative side express itself, and also a highly relaxing process, as your attention is drawn away from the stresses and distractions of everyday life. Meditative and rewarding, colouring-in is increasingly recognized as an art form in its own right. Sophie Leblanc has created 100 charming stained-glass designs, both traditional and contemporary, through which you can find your own personal haven.