Did you know… that pain is a highly sophisticated and complex protective mechanism of the body, and is actually there to serve you?

Pain is defined as an unpleasant feeling in our body that makes us want to stop and change our behaviour. Pain can be triggered, or turned up by anything that tells the brain that the body is in danger and needs protecting. Emotional pain is created through feelings, and can aggravate already existing pain. Emotional pain can also create physical pain.

Emotional pain is usually brought about by a change or unease in our environment. It, too, is there to protect you. Often the emotions are there for a while before we experience physical symptoms. It has been shown that cell chemistry alters in response to emotion, and gradually there are noticeable physical changes in the body. Emotional pain is a signal that we need to change how we are responding to the environment. Often we may wish to run away or bury the pain, though this may not be the way to go and as we know it’s usually a temporary solution.

Having graduated as a Life Transformational Coach, Ann Rambaut has been integrating her substantial skills as a Chartered Physiotherapist with her coaching skills. Ann facilitates the connection between mind and body. Her hands-on skills enable her to combine direct treatment of physical pain with insightful questioning in order to assist in relieving emotional pain. The hands-on techniques are all light touch and the questioning will gently lead you to explore places which will ease your emotional pain. You’ll never experience more than you can handle, as each treatment is lead by your body and yourself. Effects can be profound and bring you to a state of ease and freedom that you may not have felt for a long time.

Each Body Mind session costs £50 and Ann is offering the discounted price of £40 for the first session. She is also offering subsequent packages which would offer further savings. For more information or if you wish to discuss sessions please contact Ann on 01323 411900 or 07436 810181

Ann Rambaut