Rewriting Our Story

“when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be….” Lao Tzu

At times we wish to bring about a change in our lives; it may be a big change such as wishing to make a change of job or relationship or something smaller, such as to exercise more or alter our drinking or eating habits. The start of a new year is one time when we rethink our lives and sometimes we make a resolution to change, and in doing so alter our ‘story’.

We each have our own life story, which in itself is made up of many episodes. The episodes overlap and intertwine and some of these carry on throughout our entire life story. These stories (episodes) can assist us to run our lives, however they can also be a hindrance. We may not even know about the stories as they can be running subconsciously. If we really want to make a change we need to look at how stories are influencing our minds and bodies. Our stories reinforce our beliefs, and beliefs have thought-feelings and emotions attached which, in turn, affect the biology of our body.

There is the story around our identity, about who we are or are not. “I AM stupid because I always failed at school”, “I AM not very confident because I am overweight”…

Then there is the justification story, “I can’t join a creative writing class because I am too stupid.” “I won’t apply for that interesting sounding job because people will probably think I’m too fat to get it.” The justification stories can be very useful in keeping us safe, though at the same time stop us from moving forward.

How about the story of your future – the idea that there is an end goal? “When I’ve studied creative writing then I can write that book I’ve been dreaming about doing.” “When I reach my perfect weight I will apply for a new job”…

Our stories may no longer be useful to us though there is some reason why we hang onto them – usually it’s the mind trying to tell us that it’s the only way we will be safe. You may have insight as to why you don’t want to do something though until that particular story is no longer useful to you it’s very difficult to bring about long lasting change.

Are you wanting to make changes in your life? Would you like to rewrite your story?

Ann Rambaut is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a coach specialising in Body-Mind Connections. If you wish to find out if any of the modalities that Ann has to offer will help you rewrite your story, please get in touch for a no obligation chat or more information 01323 411900 or 07436 810181