The Real Health Assessment

Most health assessments focus on tests to diagnose pathologies or risk of serious diseases – your NHS doctor can provide this if necessary. The ‘real health assessment’ focuses on health and what lifestyle changes you can make to improve your health and fitness, reduce the risk of serious diseases in the future, and safely reduce the need for medicine or major medical interventions.

This Assessment takes ninety minutes and includes, your general health background, your physical structure, your diet, your breathing and your stress evaluation. The result is a report giving you the information and advice to make these lifestyle changes and suggestions as to what therapies could help you on this journey.

We have almost lost sight of “health” in medicine today, it is still the foundation of therapy offered by the thousands of natural therapists in the private sector of healthcare. Our health and wellbeing is directly connected to the food we eat, our structural integrity and body alignment, our quality of breathing and our state of mind. These individual factors can be studied in far more detail on the associated websites:


The question for each of us is, “How healthy are you planning to be this year?”

Our state of health is not a matter of chance over which we have no control, neither is it the sole responsibility of your doctor or health advisor. We all can have a profound impact on our present and future health and wellbeing if we are willing to take more self responsibility and get sound guidance and advice from health professionals. The Real Health Assessment contributes to this concept.

Please contact Michael Lingard for more information or our free Real Health Assessment leaflet on 0800 781 2534