This year, for the ultimate in full-service juice cleanse retreats, try 38 Degrees North’s new Spring Clean Retreat to reset, cleanse and purify your body. This juicy and delicious retreat is about results. Whilst our bodies are fully capable of detoxing themselves a juice cleanse gives your system a well-earned break. You can expect a healthy, slimmer and lighter body and a mind that is also brighter and lighter to match! With freshly prepared organic juices to help you get the results you desire, this is the best retreat for getting ready for spring/summer. 38 Degrees North are proud to present a ‘cherry-picked team’ of wellness experts who can aid your detox by offering highly effective therapies and lifestyle advice. Make this your time to let go of the mental blocks that stop you from achieving personal happiness.

Juice cleanse retreat in Ibiza

38 Degrees North’s Juice Cleanse Retreat carefully balances a program that includes nutritional advice, hikes along the beautiful Ibizan coastline and supportive reiki treatments to align and reset your energy. On top of that we include mindfulness meditation classes, along with rejuvenating yoga so you will feel so ready to accomplish your dreams. You will leave with the best ever feeling of being clean, clear and ready to go!

Increased energy, expanded levels of concentration and improved sleep are but a small number of benefits to expect from these retreats. Along with the internal benefits, come the external ones; staying in the luxurious 5-star Aguas de Ibiza Hotel and enjoying the sun, sea and culture Ibiza has to offer, this retreat really isn’t one to miss.

Detox Juices

As part of the detox plan, visitors enjoy 5 juices every day, freshly made using local produce, to be taken every 3 hours during their stay. 38 Degrees North’s alkalising juices include superfoods such as spirulina, probiotic, milk thistle and wheatgrass which will help cleanse and rebalance visitors’ PH levels making it easier to metabolise fat, release energy and absorb nutrients.

An Example Itinerary

Beach-yoga38 Degrees North offer a morning yoga practice to help the detox process and soothe the mind, the programme also includes 2 gentle hikes to enjoy the island’s natural splendour. There are talks and workshops, a mindfulness practice, one on one Reiki, freshly prepared juices, and of course a luxurious spa to relax and recharge. Optional extras include Spa treatments, Chiropractor or Osteopath consultation, Life Coaching with NLP practitioner, personal training and state of the art slimming treatments including cavitation.

The Juice cleanse runs from Sunday Oct 16th to Sunday 23rd and prices start at £1783. Please book by contacting them on +44 (0)20 36 9999 33 or emailing